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Cesare Sent was born in Murano, where he is still living and working. After acquiring the mastery of the Muranese techniques passed down to him from both his
grandfathers, both having been well known glass masters, he focused his interest in fusing, lamp-working and kiln casting, adding a touch of modernity to these traditional techniques.

His works range from jewels to sculptures, from mirrors to lamps, platters and vases.

His inspiration comes directly from daily life and from the surrounding natural environment. In Venice it is absolutely impossible not to remain astonished by the lagoon, which seems to change continuously showing how water and light play together, creating unexpected blends of colors and magic, which are recreated by Cesare through the matter of glass in his objects.

 Other important elements in his work are joy and lightness of spirit, conveyed by the means of bright and intense colors and shapes that recall the typical pop spirit of the 60s.




8/B Fondamenta Vetrai

Ph. +39 347 8519636

30141 MURANO Venezia ITALY

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Every object  is certified by the Trademark of Origin "Vetro Artistico® Murano", the only guarantee of authenticity and origin by Italian law. 

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